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Dr. Elana Ashley enjoys interweaving her songs, poems and prose narratives with her artistic creations displayed through power point in presentations especially for adult and senior audiences. Programs are offered to business organizations, museums, galleries, temples, churches, and other community organizations interested in art and writings as a source of inspiration for their members, employees and/or participants using their services.

Ashley’s programs incorporate universal messages based on daily issues in our lives – peace and war, riding a subway, relationships, dreams, Grasshoppers and Politics [the name of one of her poems], and so much more, as well as spiritual elements for those organizations that are open to the mind and heart which reach out for more than what can be provided on our earthly planet.

Personal Tours: If your organization is interested in an exhibit of Ashley’s selected artwork at your location, an additional option is a personal tour with the artist who speaks to groups of adults and/or seniors discussing her original artwork ─ the background to her creative pathways, sources for her inspiration, the techniques she uses, and other issues people might be interested in learning about. 

Presently, Dream Image Press, LLC offers the following four program options:

  1. High School and College Audiences ─ Adult and Senior Audiences: 
    Dramatic Reading & Reciting of Famous Poems & Original Poetic Works by Dr. Ashley

  2. Adult and Senior Audiences:
    Dramatic Reading & Reciting of Original Writings

  3. Adult and Senior Audiences:
    Ashley’s Personal Journey – Great Imaginings through Original Writings and Original Art

  4. Adult and Senior Audiences:
    The Bible, Health and Creativity ─ The Inspiration of the Bible on Creativity, Healing and SpiritualityUse of original writings and original art.

Look for references regarding responses to varied programs under the title PROGRAM REVIEWS.

For further information, 
call: 847.480.8998 or email: Info@DrElanaAshley.com