To view the most updated information about PRNewswire's send-out of MY INTERVIEW ABOUT BULLYING to media throughout the U.S. on January 29, 2018, visit the following site:

This LINK takes you to the home page of Strathmore's Who's Who. Scroll down to the center of this page, to the box above the words: Times Square Billboard.

Watch carefully as the photos change, and shortly you will see a photo of myself with long dark hair and wearing a green dress with a copy of my book BIG BULLY HOLLY HOWLER on the upper right hand side. Above my photo, you will see the words Dr. Elana Ashley Gallery.

Shortly, you will see the photo I have described. And when you do, just press the photo, and you will be taken to a page including Dr. Elana Ashley's Photo Gallery. Just scroll down the left side of this sheet, and you will be viewing an ongoing series of photos moving across from left to right -- photos of myself, my puppets and my books.

Return to the top of this sheet and get ready for the introduction to my INTERVIEW on the upper right side. Underneath the intro, below the photo of my standing in Times Square, press Click, and get ready to read an hour interview that provides a general understanding of bullying, along with a better comprehension of bullying prevention, intervention and resolution. 

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and joyous 2019!

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